Restaurant Promotions

The customers will spend more,

and order more often

Promotion module fully integrated with online ordering

Your customers will earn incentives while they place their order through the online ordering system. Banners at the top of your online menu will attract more customer orders. This Promotion module will facilitate a valid and sincere connection with your customers and turn them into loyal lovers of your Restaurant.

Smart targeting and segmentation

Reward your customers based on their purchasing behavior. A freebie for initial purchasers, special discount for regulars or a special incentive to customers who ordered through a designated sales channel. For more sophisticated deals you can even create up-sell strategies in order to increase average order value.

Real-time reporting 

Real-time statistics to see which promo deals work best for your customers. You can make adjustments right from the reporting module in real-time. Use the delivery heatmaps and customer performance reports to make informed decisions about your customer preferences as you build trust and relationships with your customers.

Powerful Promotions

Set up almost any promo logic you can think of..

Buy one,

get one for Free

(e.g. Buy 1 Pizza and get the

2nd Pizza free)

Fixed discount

amount on cart

Fixed discount amount on the total cart value, usually combined with a condition like minimum ordering amount

% discount on

selected items

(e.g. 30% off on any dessert or drink)

% discount

on cart

% discount on your total cart value, usually combined with a condition like minimum ordering amount


Free delivery (discounted delivery) for orders over a certain cart value

Buy 2, 3…

get one free

(e.g. Buy two main dishes and get the third for free)

Meal Bundle

A selection of dishes at a fixed price. (e.g. 2 main dishes + 2 appetizers + 2 desserts = All for 55 euro!)

% discount on

combo deal

(e.g. Buy any main dish plus dessert and get 10% off.)

Fixed discount amount on combo deal

( e.g. Buy any main dish plus dessert and get5 euro off )

Free or discounted item as part of a meal

(e.g. Free dessert or drink if you purchase starter + main dish)


method reward

% discount on your total cart value if you pay with a certain payment method. For example: Credit card online

Meal Bundle

with specialty

A selection of dishes only available with an extra fee.

Clear and Specific objectives

You can apply rules and restrictions to
any promo deals

Happy hour

Allows the restaurant to show the promotion only during certain days and time intervals. Use this to increase activity in the slow, off hours.

Delivery Area

Limits the promotions to those in a specific delivery zone. Encourage pick-up orders when the drivers are already overloaded.

Cart value

Add a minimum cart value in order to stimulate an increase in the order value. People will spend more to get the benefit.


Allows the benefit to be available depending on the chosen payment method. Encourage clients to order and prepay online.


Allows the benefit to be available only until a certain date. This way, you don’t have to worry about terminate the benefit yourself.

Client Type

Allows the benefit to be available only for certain types of customers ( e.g. only first time purchasers or only repeat customers)


Defines how many times a promotion can be used by a customer. Have the promotion set to "unlimited" or control the frequency.


Allows the benefit to accumulate on top of other promo benefits. The promotion will not be combined with others on the same order.

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